Sunday, February 3, 2013

Felinity - March of the Green People

A few updates for the past 2 weeks.

I put out a brief demo for a few people to test. Very brief. In doing so I found a few bugs:

  • My game doesn't work on retina displays. A few people in the cocos2d forums posted some suggested fixes, but they seem sketchy. I'll have to give them a try.
  • Apparently Lick didn't heal you completely back to full. Weird bug where you would be stuck at like 239.999999 / 240, and it wouldn't make it the full 240 (since the display it casts to an integer)
  • If dialogs contain a line break before a pause, it would show the first character of the next line. The appropriate fix is to put the pause before the line break (since there is a bug in my version of cocos2d that really doesn't like strings of 0 length)
  • You could click on selectors while the character screen was up, and you could click on the character screen while dialogs were up. Those have been fixed.
  • Fixed player stuttering bug which was also the cause of why there was a "race condition" issue for wpeeps following the player
Along with those bug fixes I did some some map work on the post office:
Tandy walking around the empty post office.
Using a reference from the pixeljoint forums, I created a 32x64 walking man template to base my people on. I think the sizing looks perfect: 
The walking animation in each of the 4 directions.
So from those, I'll need to pixel a generic man, a generic woman, and a post office worker.

I've added 2 new script commands that are 2 variations on the same theme: GotoScript and CallScript. GotoScript interrupts the current script and loads the new one. CallScript involved implementing a script stack, so that you can load a script, then return to the current one.

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