Monday, July 25, 2011


So the moment of revealing has arrive. The first bad guy!

Ugly little rat isn't he? He's also full animated as well with attacks.
I think I did a fairly good job of creating our first enemy of the game. There will also be one variant of him for a later portion of the level.

Other stuff done:

  • Tandy can now gain Hiss at Level 4. This is the first move that utilizes the Buff system. Unfortunately the game doesn't have a way to coordinate / visualize to you that the buff is on / fell off of you, but rest assured, it's happening there in the background!
  •  Characters heal to full when they gain a level. This is mostly a difficulty nerf. Since there is almost no resting until the end of the first area (I may add that ability later), it became nearly impossible to manage yourself on Licking and level gaining alone. Don't worry, I'll make sure the game still remains challenging
Also with this post, the first time you can download and preview the game.

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