Friday, July 1, 2011

uDevGames: Day 1 and a half

So today is the first and a half day of uDevGames.

Last night I got the animation in, and might I add, it's beautiful, What took up 256k in previous iteration only costs us 128k this one. 

So I removed Gold from this, as such a thing is ridiculous for a cat. What's a cat to do with gold. I've toned down the Leveling scale so that's it's much easier to do. As I expect this game to be much shorter, I want people to be rewarded more quickly. The downside to this is I'm gonna have to find more special abilities, or make each one less important. I suppose I'm not striving for truly difficult gameplay here, just something to assist with the story, while at the same time, having battle be interesting.

Started a rough draft of the background for the first level. For initial battles in the alley.

 I'm definitely liking the pixel art characters, and Seurat style backgrounds / environments. It gives a certain contrast to the game. It's also much easier to distinguish characters on top of the background.

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